The Whizzinator


In the world of drug tests and job opportunities, a sneaky helper has emerged known as “The Whizzinator.” As of 2023, even though some US states have given the green light to marijuana use, many employers still use drug tests, causing stress for those who enjoy a bit of the green stuff. Enter the Whizzinator, a clever solution that stoners have discovered through a simple Google search for “Whizzinator in stores near me.” This contraption aims to help people dodge urine drug tests without getting caught.

Now, let’s break it down for you. Imagine you’re hanging out with friends who smoke, or maybe you’ve taken a puff or two yourself on occasion. Suddenly, a company calls you for a THC drug test, and the panic sets in. The Whizzinator steps in to save the day, offering a high success rate and peace of mind. This factory-made product, created by Alternative Lifestyle Systems (ALS), comes in the form of dried urine powder, with official mentions of ingredients like creatine and uric acid.

But what’s the big deal about a comprehensive review of The Whizzinator? Well, that’s where the importance of understanding this product comes into play. A detailed review helps potential users make informed decisions, weighing the pros and cons before venturing into the world of synthetic urine. So, whether you’re curious about its effectiveness or considering it for your next job-related test, a comprehensive review can be your guide in navigating the maze of The Whizzinator.

Product Description

In the captivating world of alternative solutions, one product that has stirred discussions is “The Whizzinator.” Manufactured by Clear Choice, this unique creation is a powdered concoction designed for those seeking a discreet way to navigate urine drug tests. Marketed by Alternative Lifestyle Systems (ALS), the Whizzinator is not just any synthetic pee – it’s a well-thought-out kit, complete with intriguing components.

The Whizzinator kit, often discreetly presented in stores that sell synthetic urine, is initially framed as a sex toy to evade legal complexities. However, its true prowess lies in helping individuals successfully pass urinalysis without detection. Comprising seven essential items – an instructions manual, dried urine, a syringe, four heating pads, a fake penis (the shaft), a waistband, and two leg straps for mounting the shaft – this kit is more than meets the eye.

The dried urine, a crucial component resembling powdered human urine, forms the core of the concoction. Mixed with water on the test date as per the manual, it mimics real urine remarkably well. The syringe facilitates the seamless transfer of the synthetic urine mixture into the fake penis, ensuring a clean operation. Heating pads play a pivotal role, elevating the temperature of the fake urine to a natural body temperature range, making it indistinguishable from the real deal.

Functioning like a charm, it allows individuals to pass the drug test without raising suspicions. The Whizzinator operates on a simple principle – mimicry. By injecting synthetic urine into a bag, strapping it on, and applying a heating pad, users can simulate a natural urination process. The synthetic urine flows through the fake shaft, collected in a test cup, fooling even the most discerning lab specialists.

It’s important to note that using such tactics requires meticulous preparation and attention to detail, as laboratories have become adept at detecting poor-quality fake urine. Does fake urine truly work in every situation? You can discover more in the Whizzinator Review.


In the Whizzinator review article’s section on Ingredients, we get a closer look at what makes up this unique product. The Whizzinator is a synthetic urine or fake pee created by Alternative Lifestyle Systems (ALS) for passing urine drug tests. The primary ingredients mentioned on the official website are creatine and uric acid, but research suggests there could be more, including sodium chloride, urea, potassium chloride, sodium phosphate, and ionized water.

The Whizzinator kit, often discreetly marketed as a sex toy, is crucial for successfully using the product. It may not be sold as a complete package, so users are advised to pre-order it well before their drug test. The complete kit typically includes an instruction manual, dried urine, a syringe, heating pads, a fake penis (the shaft), a waistband, and two leg straps for securing the shaft.

The dried urine, in powdered form, is a key component. When mixed with water, it creates the fake urine. The syringe helps collect and introduce the fake urine into the shaft without smears. Heating pads play a crucial role in maintaining the synthetic urine’s temperature to mimic real urine. The fake penis, available in various skin tones, is the core element of the product, helping users pass drug tests by providing a realistic urine sample.

The article also delves into the working mechanism of the Whizzinator, likening it to wearing a condom. Users inject synthetic urine into a bag, strap it on, and use a heating pad to maintain an optimal temperature. The fake urine is released through a fake shaft, collected in a cup, and then given to the lab specialist, mimicking a natural urination process.

For users looking to pass a urine drug test with confidence, following the step-by-step instructions provided with the Whizzinator kit is essential. The article emphasizes the importance of preparing two hours before the test, mixing the powdered urine just before the test, and ensuring the synthetic urine is at the correct temperature range.

How to Use

For anyone using “The Whizzinator,” it’s essential to follow a step-by-step guide to ensure a successful experience. First and foremost, start preparing at least two hours before the urine test to allow ample time. Gather all the components of the device and remove the heat pad from its pack. Then, mix the Powdered Urine with water according to the manual, making sure to do this just two hours before the test to maintain its effectiveness.

Moving on, carefully inject the mixed synthetic urine into the bag, making sure not to overfill it. Attach a heating pad to the back of the bag and use the temperature stripe on the opposite side to confirm that the urine reaches the optimal temperature range of 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit within an hour. With the setup complete, the urine will stay at the right temperature for up to 8 hours.

Next, wear the straps on your waist, adjusting the shaft to fit comfortably. Ensure the temperature stripe presses against your body to regulate the urine temperature. Confirm that the urine maintains the specified temperature range before confidently heading to the bathroom for the test.

When producing the sample, position the uncovered sample cup at the base of the shaft and gently squeeze the bottom to allow the urine to flow into the cup. Once you have enough, gently close the valve and hand the cup to the lab specialist, awaiting your test result with confidence. Following these steps diligently ensures a smooth and successful use of “The Whizzinator.”

Pros and Cons

The Whizzinator has gained popularity on social media, and many users praise its performance compared to other brands. Customers appreciate the ability to use it multiple times, and its urine outperforms detox pills. One notable feature is the variety of choices for the shaft’s skin tone, with more than five options available. Users find it easy to use without discomfort, and the realistic look and feel of the shafts make them challenging to detect, even during supervised urinalysis. Additionally, the product comes with a user-friendly instruction manual, ensuring that first-time users won’t encounter difficulties.

However, it’s essential to consider some drawbacks. The Whizzinator comes with a relatively higher price tag compared to its competitors. Successfully using it requires stealth and wit to avoid detection, as there are legal consequences in many states for its use. Some users reported minor leaks in the male version’s shaft, and panicking during use could give away the deception. Furthermore, the product lacks FDA certification, and it’s crucial to use the heating pad to achieve the recommended urine temperature for optimal results. Despite a 14-day return policy for unsatisfied customers, the potential legal risks and restrictions in various states should be carefully considered before deciding to use the Whizzinator.

Customer Feedback

In the section about Customer Feedback for The Whizzinator Review, we dive into what people are saying about the Whizzinator touch kit. This part is crucial because it gives us insights into the real experiences of those who have used the product.

The feedback is collected from various customers, and their comments and ratings are put together to form an overall picture. When we talk about “aggregated customer reviews and ratings,” it means that we look at all the feedback as a whole, combining positive and negative comments to get a comprehensive view.

Positive reviews highlight the good aspects of the Whizzinator touch kit. Despite some users facing minor issues due to their inexperience in handling the product, the overall feedback remains positive. This tells us that, for the most part, people are satisfied with their experience using the Whizzinator touch kit.

Moving on to “Common themes in feedback,” we explore the recurring topics or patterns in what customers are saying. This helps us understand the key points that stand out in people’s experiences, providing valuable information for potential users and giving a well-rounded perspective on the product.

Q&A Section

Q1: What is The Whizzinator, and why do people use it?
A1: The Whizzinator is a synthetic urine product designed to assist individuals in passing urine drug tests undetected. It includes components like dried urine, a syringe, heating pads, and a fake penis, allowing users to provide a synthetic urine sample.
Q2: How does The Whizzinator work?
A2: The Whizzinator operates by simulating the process of natural urination. Users mix dried urine with water, inject the synthetic urine into a bag attached to a fake penis, and use heating pads to maintain the temperature, making it appear like a real urine sample during testing.
Q3: Is The Whizzinator legal to use?
A3: The legality of The Whizzinator varies by state. While it is marketed as a sex toy to avoid legal issues, users should be aware that using synthetic urine to deceive drug tests might have legal consequences, depending on local laws.
Q4: What components are included in The Whizzinator kit?
A4: The Whizzinator kit typically contains dried urine, a syringe, heating pads, a fake penis (shaft), a waistband, two leg straps for mounting the shaft, and an instruction manual. The complete kit is designed to help users pass urine drug tests.
Q5: How should users prepare and use The Whizzinator?
A5: Users need to follow detailed instructions provided in the manual. Preparation involves mixing dried urine with water, injecting it into the bag, attaching heating pads, and ensuring the synthetic urine maintains the required temperature. Users then discreetly provide the sample during the test.
Q6: Can The Whizzinator be detected during a drug test?
A6: If used correctly, The Whizzinator is designed to go undetected during standard urine drug tests. However, users should exercise caution and follow instructions to avoid revealing the kit, as discovery may lead to serious consequences.
Q7: What legal and support information is provided by the manufacturer, Alternative Lifestyle Systems (ALS)?
A7: ALS emphasizes user responsibility and provides a 14-day return policy for unused products. The Whizzinator is not FDA-certified. Users can contact ALS support via phone or email for additional information or assistance.
Q8: Are there any risks or consequences associated with using The Whizzinator?
A8: Using The Whizzinator involves legal risks, as laws regarding synthetic urine vary by state. Users may face consequences if caught attempting to deceive drug tests. Additionally, there have been reported cases of minor issues, such as leaks, with the product.
Q9: Can The Whizzinator be used for probation drug testing?
A9: Yes, some reviews suggest that The Whizzinator may help individuals pass probation drug tests that involve urinalysis. However, users should be aware of the specific requirements of their probation test and potential consequences of using synthetic urine.
Q10: Where can users purchase The Whizzinator?
A10: The Whizzinator kit is available on various e-commerce sites, including Amazon. Users can also order directly from the manufacturer, ALS, and may find nearby retailers by searching “where to buy Whizzinator near me” online.

Summing Up

In conclusion, The Whizzinator touch kit stands out as a reliable option for individuals facing urine drug tests. As we sum up our discussion, let’s revisit the key points that make this product noteworthy.

The Whizzinator has proven to be one of the few successful methods that people rely on to pass urine drug tests. Its track record of almost 16 years in the market signifies a level of trustworthiness that users appreciate. The positive reviews from users further validate its effectiveness and reliability in crucial situations.

When it comes to ensuring job security or aiming for that long-awaited promotion, having a Whizzinator kit on hand can be the safeguard you need to avoid the embarrassment of a failed drug test. It’s worth noting that, in comparison to other brands like The Monkey Dong kits, the Whizzinator stands out as a popular and consistently reliable choice.

In our final thoughts on the product, we can confidently say that the Whizzinator is a reputable brand that has maintained its dominance in the market, offering users a reliable solution to navigate the challenges posed by urine drug tests.