Art of the Orishas – Opening May 3rd

The spirits of the African diaspora continue to be a living and vibrant part of peoples lives. This show includes a blend traditional and modern interpretations of these spirit, their stories and ceremonies.

Artists include:
Tasha Menary
Monica Bodirsky
Xris Kukiel
Fleur McGregor
Kit Currie
Andrew McGregor
Lydia Knox
Ayoluwa Taylor

Opening Reception Thursday May 3rd, 7–9pm
Show runs May 3rd – June 7th.

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Heritages surrealistes

Curator and painter Santiago Ribeiro, in collaboration with painter Liba Ws have organized an international exhibit at Dorothy’s gallery in the center of Paris.

Artists from France, Portugal, Russia, United States, Czech Republic, Vietnam and Latvia are as following:
Andrei Nekrasov, Anne Ethuin, Benjamin Marques, Daniel Hanequand, Evgeny Denisov, Gregory Potosky, Isabel Meyrelles, Liba WS, Paula Rosa, Santiago Ribeiro, Serge Sunne, Shahla Rosa, Victor Lages, Vu Huyen Thuong, Yuri Shpakovsky And Yuri Tsvetaev.

During the course of the exhibit, the show will also present French surrealist painter and poet Bernard Ascal who will read poetry from his bestselling book on Aim? C?saire.

This show is testimony to the ever growing International movement of surrealists and visionary artists who express their universe through symbols both personal and sacred.

“Surrealism, which was born after the first world war, is characterized by its opposition to all social conventions, moral and logic. It is a movement immersed in dreams, instinct, desire, rebellion, and the liberty of life. It is also perhaps the movement most tied to imagination, a movement fully alive in the artistic and literary worlds. In Portugal, it is perhaps the link which ties these two worlds together. Prof. Perfecto Cuadrado said so aptly in one of his conferences: “The history of Surrealism, meaning anthologies, studies, catalogues (and exhibits) devoted to the so called International surrealism, needs to be divulged – the price, sometimes, in a simplified fight against other forms of simplification, when it is not against a total silence due to sectarianism, or ignorance whether French, Portuguese or International.” Surrealism through words, painting and sculpture continues, like life to be: insistent, concrete, daily and real. This exhibition in Paris, the birthplace of the movement, is proof that “International Surrealism” is still alive.”